Vicky & Xingyu

  • 10 10
  • 2020
  • 3min
Vicky & Xingyu
  • Original Title: Vicky & Xingyu

This is a Short animated compelling journey through cultural immersion and language learning, vividly portrayed by a team of 15 student directors and animators.

Vicky & Xingyu

Vicky & Xingyu - Languages challenge  

In this intimate documentary, Vicky & Xingyu Gu explore the challenges and beauties of immersing oneself in a new culture while learning to communicate in a new language. An exploration of identity, adaptation, and connection, the film delves into Vicky's journey, with every nuance thoughtfully brought to life by 15 student directors and animators. It presents a deeply personal yet universally relatable narrative about cultural adjustment, language barriers, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Eli Ayres
Eli Ayres Director

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