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Migrant Crossing

  • 8.3 10
  • 2017
  • 61min

Three Central American migrants embark on a journey to the north. Seeking safety and a better life, they find the will, faith, and support to continue their journey in a shelter in southern Mexico. On their way, they face the risks of kidnap, rape, or assault in this life-threatening journey.

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Migrant Crossing, the dangerous waiting for a train to the north

On the border between Guatemala and Mexico, a migrant refugee camp near the rails of a freight train is the waiting point of a large group of young Central Americans who risk their lives in order to travel to the north and find a new life in the United States .

But the passage to Mexico is fraught with danger. Kidnappings and murders have become increasingly common in the area and border police officers are famous for abusing migrants, a population deeply denigrated in a nation that sees them as criminals.

The struggle for migratory human rights is reflected at the beginning of the film in a popular demonstration where a man uses the metaphor of the viacrucis of Jesus Christ to refer to the arduous journey of the migrants.

Director Hauke ​​Lorenz’s camera captures what is happening in front of his eyes, a range of characters that in their own voice tell us their testimonies of sacrifice, strategy and commitment to reach the promised land of the north.

Hauke Lorenz
Hauke Lorenz Director