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  • 8 10
  • 1965
  • Nonemin
  • Spanish, French

In 1962 Joris Ivens was invited to Chile for teaching and filmmaking. Together with students he made ...À Valparaiso, one of his most poetic films. Contrasting the prestigious history of the seaport with the present the film sketches a portret of thcity, built on 42 hills, with its wealth and poverty, its daily life on the streets, the stairs, the rack railways and in the bars. Although the port has lost its importance, the rich past is still present in the impoverished city. The film echoes this ambiguous situation in its dialectical poetic style, interweaving the daily life reality (of 1963) with the history of the city and changing from black and white to colour, finally leaving us with hopeful perspective for the children who are playing on the stairs and hills of this beautiful town.

  • Spanish, French
Joris Ivens
Joris Ivens Director
Chris Marker
Chris Marker Screenplay
Anatole Dauman
Anatole Dauman Producer
Georges Strouvé
Georges Strouvé Director of Photography
Jean Ravel
Jean Ravel Editor
Luis Cornejo
Luis Cornejo Production Manager
Patricio Guzmán
Patricio Guzmán First Assistant Camera
Roger Pigaut
Roger Pigaut Récitant / Narrator (voice)