None of Your Business

  • 8.5 10
  • 2019
  • 63min
None of Your Business
  • Original Title: Va Kas Che

"Ebram" was an Iranian guitarist and composer who, after dying in suspicious circumstances, became a myth and an inspiration for several generations of musicians. This is his story.

None of Your Business


None of Your Business. The mystery of the Iranian guitarist

After having made several documentaries focused on the music of his country, in this film Iranian filmmaker Kamran Heidari makes a non-heterodox biography of the mythical composer Ebrahim Monsefi.

After several years living in seclusion and recording his music by himself, refusing to visit a professional studio, Monsefi composed and performed with his guitar numerous compositions that did not transcend during his lifetime. 

But after his death, which occurred in mysterious circumstances, his work became known among Iranian musicians, for whom Monsefi is an icon of southern Iranian music.

Kamran Heidari
Kamran Heidari Director

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Kaveh Farnam

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