Uncanny Me

  • 10 10
  • 2022
  • 44min
Uncanny Me
  • Original Title: Uncanny Me

As technology crafts virtual doubles indistinguishable from their human originals, this impressive documentary explores the profound implications of identity and reality in a world where you can meet yourself.

Uncanny Me

Uncanny Me - A vanishing line between human and digital selves


This first-rate documentary delves into the cutting-edge realm of hyperrealistic avatars and their impact on human perception and identity. What does it mean when a digital replica can pass as your twin?


The documentary navigates through this intriguing frontier, where advancements in graphics and AI technology challenge our traditional understanding of self and reality. Interviews with technologists, psychologists, and ethicists intertwined with demonstrations of avatar technology prompt viewers to question the nature of existence and self-awareness in an increasingly digital world.

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