Ugoku Tokai

  • 9.5 10
  • 2020
  • 95min
Ugoku Tokai
  • Original Title: Ugoku Tokai

Conceived as an essay film, we follow a man in a suit walking through Tokyo on an existential journey. We hear a voice, we see the everyday, and so many questions arise one after another.

Ugoku Tokai

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

Ugoku Tokai. A man in a suit in Tokyo

A melancholy-looking young man in a business suit moves through the everyday rat race in the metropolis of Tokyo. His relationship with the city is complex: he is looking for his life path. Does he feel at home in this city?

In this hybrid, essayistic documentary, the man wanders through the busy city center, the suburbs, and the tranquility of nature. He explores twelve different paths on foot, in a contemplative urban symphony guided by his musings and a map. 

In the narration, he shares his life questions about a meaningful existence. How do we want to live? Where and in what gear? Under what conditions? Can you be happy with just enough? Should you let go of boundaries or should you cherish them?

Lars Ostmann
Lars Ostmann Director

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