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Two Doors

  • 9 10
  • 2012
  • 100min

The Yongsan tragedy in South Korea claimed five lives that could have been avoided. This documentary delves into the details of what happened with testimonies never shown before.


AWARDS: Special Prize. Amnesty International Korea Media Award/ Award. Independent Filmmakers of the Year/ Women Filmmakers of the Year/ Red Award/ KOFRA Film Awards/ Media Responsibility and Human Rights Award. Center for Media Responsibility and Human Rights

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: DOK Leipzig/ Seoul International Women’s Film Festival/ Festival du Film Coréen à Paris/ Taiwan International Documentary Festival/ DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

Two Doors. The Archives of the Yongsan Tragedy

Two Doors traces the Yongsan Tragedy of 2009, which took the lives of five evictees and one police SWAT unit member. Left with no choice but to climb up a steel watchtower with fire bombs in an appeal to the right to live, the evictees were able to come down to the ground after merely 25 hours as cold corpses. 

And the surviving evictees became lawbreakers. Two sides of voice are clashing in terms of the cause of this tragedy between the illegal and violent demonstration by the evictees and an excessive crackdown by government power. Subsequently, the prolonged struggle surrounding the truth of the Yongsan Tragedy continues in court.

Il-rhan Kim
Il-rhan Kim Director
Ji-you Hong
Ji-you Hong Director

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