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Turtle Shells

  • 10 10
  • 2018
  • 30min
Turtle Shells
  • Original Title: Turtle Shells (2017)

The paths of a turtle from Syria and a soldier from Germany cross in this curious film about war and the relationship between animals and humans.

Turtle Shells

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Dok Leipzig, Istanbul International Film Festival, Go Short Nijmegen, DOK.fest Munich, Filmfest Dresden

Turtle Shells. The connections between animal, mankind and war

European animal protection laws, German Armed Forces foreign operations and a seized turtle, whose shell was painted with the flag of the Syrian rebels. 

All converge at a reptile rescue centre in Munich, headed by Dr. Markus Baur. A German army specialist is learning how to deal with dangerous reptiles  – he must keep calm, catch, neutralize. 

Meanwhile, Baur informs the turtle's Syrian owner she's unlikely to get her animal back under European species protection law. A multi perspective film in the midst of glass terrariums exploring the connections between animal, mankind and war.

Tuna Kaptan
Tuna Kaptan Director

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