Tunisian Victory

  • 9 10
  • 1944
  • 76min
Tunisian Victory
  • Original Title: Tunisian Victory

Using footage filmed by intrepid cameramen, in the middle of the firing line in battle, this propaganda film documents the great Allied victory in North Africa during WWII.

Tunisian Victory

AWARDS: Best Documentary. USA National Board of Review

Tunisian Victory. The allied offensive in Africa

In the autumn of 1942, Allied forces prepare to mount a massive military offensive in North Africa against Germany's Afrika Korps. Two soldiers, one British (Bernard Miles) and the other American (Burgess Meredith), describe their experiences throughout the campaign.

Their hopes and fears are revealed as they trace the offensive's progress from its initial stages in Operations Torch and Acrobat to its glorious culmination in the liberation of Tunis.

Frank Capra
Frank Capra Director
Hugh Stewart
Hugh Stewart Director
John Huston
John Huston Director

Production Companies

U.S. Office of War Information

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