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True Bond

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  • 2007
  • Nonemin
True Bond
  • Original Title: True Bond

TV documentary that explores Dusko Popov, the man who was rumored to be the inspiration behind Ian Fleming’s James Bond character.

True Bond
  • English
  • Original Title: True Bond
Jane Armstrong
Jane Armstrong Producer, Director
Gary Lang
Gary Lang Writer
George Willis
George Willis Director of Photography
Christopher Dedrick
Christopher Dedrick Original Music Composer
Phillip Connolly
Phillip Connolly Production Design
David Lint
David Lint Executive Producer
Graeme Cornies
Graeme Cornies Narrator (voice)
Nick Abraham
Nick Abraham Dusko Popov
Michael Lomenda
Michael Lomenda Ian Fleming
Conor O'Hegarty
Conor O'Hegarty Johnny Jabson
James Luke
James Luke Von Karsthoff
Tom Saunders
Tom Saunders Ian Wilson
Ava Himmel
Ava Himmel Elizabeth Sahrbach
Howard Pressburger
Howard Pressburger Ewan Montagu
Natalie Roy
Natalie Roy Simone Simon

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