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  • Original Title: Transindia

TRANSINDIA is a moving documentary exploring the Transgender community also known as Hijras, in Ahmedabad, India. Transindia takes you on a journey on their true lifestyles, a discovery of their beliefs and cultures, and an insight in how they struggle to find a place in the Indian society.

Meera Darji
Meera Darji Director of Photography, Editor...
Nishtha Bhagat
Nishtha Bhagat Boom Operator
Sheila Darji
Sheila Darji Sound Recordist
Rashmi Bhagat
Rashmi Bhagat Location Manager, Production Supervisor
Nitish Tailor
Nitish Tailor Production Office Assistant
Sania Singh
Sania Singh Herself

Production Companies

Meera Productions

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