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Tom Waits: Under Review: 1983-2006

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  • 2008
  • Nonemin
Tom Waits: Under Review: 1983-2006
  • English

Beginning in the 1980s, musical pioneer Tom Waits underwent a creative transformation, evolving into an even more experimental, provocative artist while remaining a popular figure. Chronicling the extraordinary two-decade period, this revealing documentary features an esteemed panel of commentators, rarely seen interviews and remarkable footage and photography of a true iconoclast at work. Songs include "Clap Hands" and "Alice."

Tom Waits: Under Review: 1983-2006
  • English
Rob Johnstone
Rob Johnstone Executive Producer
Andy Cleland
Andy Cleland Executive Producer
Tony Pomfret
Tony Pomfret Narrator

Production Companies

Chrome Dreams Media