• 8.4 10
  • 2014
  • 49min
  • Original Title: Together

Two people are on the road. Everyday life, business calls, games, a curve of the highway, a swing and again business calls… During this year the father and the daughter have not seen much of each other and they have not been alone for a long time. Two cameras are looking face to face; different fears inhabit one and the same space. There is a question: should they come back or should they continue travelling together?

AWARDS: First Price. DOCU-Life Docudays/ Best Auteor Film. Larv National Awards
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Investigations Contest of DocLisboa

Together, a father and daughter's journey to the unknown

Russian director Denis Shabaev sets off on a road trip with his daughter to her grandmother's house, but the true destination is uncertain. The absence of a mother gives way for father and daughter to have a trip of two solitudes that find themselves inside a car or in the open air of the different stops that they make during the route. This inside-out, tension-distension dynamic portrays in Together the intricacies of a filial relationship that oscillates between distance and tenderness.

Like her father, the girl sometimes films from her point of view, making the trip a fractal experience full of random perspectives. A hotel room in the middle of the road is also a good opportunity to edit the film that is being filmed and which is interrupted - as well as the communication between our characters - by the constant phone calls that Shabaev receives. They are the reminders of the work of a father who tries to heal his absence among the puerile games of a girl who begins to realize the change to come.

Denis Shabaev
Denis Shabaev Director

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Marina Razbezhkina Studio

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