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To My Children

  • 9.5 10
  • 2017
  • 20min
To My Children
  • Original Title: Til Mine Barn: To My Children (2015)

Both brutal and beautifully poetic, this short film tells a story about escaping war and starting a new life in Norway.

To My Children

AWARDS: Award of Recognition for Experimental Short. HIMPFF/ Popular Jury Award. Festival del Cinema del Diritti Umani Di Napoli 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Minimalen30/ Goteborg Film Festival/ Athens International Film and Video Festival/ Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival

To My Children. Escaping war and starting a new life in Norway

Kurdish-Iraqi artist Shwan Dler Qaradaki arrived in Norway as a refugee in 1999 after two years traveling through the Middle East and Europe. As a first hand witness to the atrocities of war, the artist portrays human hardship and experience in a tangible, striking way. 

Through combining watercolor images and voice-over narrative Qaradaki tells some of his personal stories. He invites us to see beyond the incomprehensible mass of people and events, to the lived reality of individuals. 

This short film is a combination of art, narrative and documentary, which creates powerful emotional experience for the viewers. It raises a discussion about relevant topics for today’s political and humanitarian challenges.

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