To Fall Off The Horse

  • 8 10
  • 2017
  • 81min
To Fall Off The Horse
  • Original Title: To Fall Off The Horse (2017)

When a film crew arrives in Ghana to shoot a film about supposed child witchcraft, the ethical dilemmas of the filmmakers emerge in the face of an untamed African landscape.

To Fall Off The Horse

To Fall Off the Horse. The tribulations of filming in Africa

Set on the backdrop of rural Ghana, this philosophical documentary provides an introspective view into the trials and tribulations of an international film crew, as they create a film about false accusations of child witchcraft in West Africa. 

Set over an original score by Luke Howard and Clem Leek, TO FALL OFF THE HORSE is poignant, cinematographic, emotive, and funny.

Sebastian Lory
Sebastian Lory Director

Production Companies

Zissou Pictures

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