To be alive, how does it feel?

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  • 2020
  • 7min
To be alive, how does it feel?
  • Original Title: ¿Cómo se siente estar vivos?

This insightful documentary explores the poignant power of family archives as they bridge the gap between life and legacy, offering a glimpse into the soul's echo after death.

To be alive, how does it feel?

To be alive, how does it feel? - A dusty archives become vivid echoes of existence


This is a reflective journey into the significance of preserving family memories and the hidden treasures within personal archives. This documentary delicately unearths various family artifacts that have been tucked away, bringing them to light and life.


By weaving together stories encapsulated in these archives, the film creates an intimate portrayal of the lasting impact of individuals long after they have passed. It explores the profound emotional resonance of memories and how they continue to shape the lives of the living, serving as a testament to the enduring presence of those who have departed.


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Kurepi Films

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