Tiny Tracks

  • 8.5 10
  • 2017
  • 10min
Tiny Tracks
  • Original Title: A Rainy Track in Riga (2019)

Hilda Walsh has a small city in her basement. Her husband, Ivor, left behind a model replica of the 1950s Boston transit system in their Toronto home, after spending 20 years building it from scratch.

Tiny Tracks
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Hot Docs/ Cabbage Town Short Film Festival/ Hamilton International Film festival/ Carlagary Underground Film Festival

Tiny Tracks, a handmade microcosm of 1950s Boston

When streetcar enthusiast Ivor Walsh died in 2002, he left a small but extraordinary world in the basement of his house: a perfect replica of the streetcar system of 1950s Boston, his favourite city.

In just ten minutes, Tiny Tracks takes us into this beautiful microcosm modeled for over twenty years by Walsh himself. The passion of this streetcar lover is told by his eighty-year-old wife Hilda and his closest friends.

The film is a precious document of an invaluable family treasure that could have been lost without a trace. Once again, cinema serves eternalize the small great works of humankind.

Naomi Hocura
Naomi Hocura Director

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