Tiny Bird

  • 8.7 10
  • 2013
  • 30min
Tiny Bird
  • Original Title: Tiny Bird (2013)

This experimental film is inspired in a curious image. A tiny bird representing friendship.

Tiny Bird

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Fid Marseille/ 25.FPS/ Les rencontres Cinematographiques/ Free Zone Belgrade/ International Film Festival Rotterdam/ Images Festival/ Isola Cinema/ Cinema City

Tiny Bird. An anatomy of friendship

In the flat where I grew up, in a closet, hidden behind his clothes, uniform and a pistol, my father kept a box with papers, school documents and volumes.

After he died, I searched the box. In his student report book I found a name of professor who lectured ‘The basics of Marxist sociology’ in 1976. I went to the professor and asked him: ‘What is friendship?’. ‘A tiny bird’, he said.

Dane Komljen
Dane Komljen Director

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