Three Graces of Thomas Hodges

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  • 2022
  • 52min
Three Graces of Thomas Hodges
  • Original Title: Three Graces of Thomas Hodges

In a vibrant ode to diversity and unity, this captivating documentary redefines ancient symbols of virtue for a modern, interconnected world, celebrating universal peace and harmony.

Three Graces of Thomas Hodges

Three Graces of Thomas Hodges - Unity, Diversity, Mythology, Contemporary

This modern reimagining of Zeus's three daughters—Aglaia, Eufrosine, and Talia, collectively known as the Three Graces—transcends ancient mythology to resonate with contemporary ideals of diversity and global harmony. Thomas Hodges's portrayal situates these embodiments of splendor, mirth, and abundance within a multi-racial, multi-cultural framework, suggesting that these virtues are universal across all of humanity. The series, dedicated to world peace and love among people, is poised to leave a lasting mark in art history as a testament to the enduring qualities that enrich mankind and the world as we perceive it today.

Production Companies

Simone Petralia

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