The Witches of Gambaga

  • 8 10
  • 2011
  • 55min
The Witches of Gambaga
  • Original Title: The Witches of Gambaga (2011)

For just the way a chicken dies, a woman can be accused of being a witch and excluded from communities in northern Ghana. This documentary tells their stories of injustice and exile.

The Witches of Gambaga

AWARDS: Best Documentary. Black International Film Festival


The Witches of Gambaga. The banished women in Ghana

In Northern Ghana it takes little more than an accusation and a dubious ceremony to establish that a woman is a witch. 

The result is devastating: they are expelled from their communities and with nowhere else to turn, must take refuge in the 'witches' camps'. 

Painful experience and insight come together to create an intimate record of the lives of women ostracized from their communities. Their incredible stories bring home the astonishing reality of modern day witches. 

Yaba Badoe
Yaba Badoe Director

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Fadoa Films

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