The Wind Blows the Border

  • 9 10
  • 2022
  • 77min
The Wind Blows the Border
  • Original Title: Vento na fronteria

In the shadow of Brazil’s booming agribusiness, a documentary unveils the stark clash between ruralist political power and the enduring resistance of indigenous women fighting to preserve their rights and lands.

The Wind Blows the Border

AWARDS: Special Jury Prize. Hotdocs/ Best International Documentary. Durban International Film Festival 

OFFICIAL SELECTION: E tudo verdade. It's all True 

The Wind Blows the Border - Where Green Fields Meet Gritty Politics


Set along the tumultuous border of Brazil and Paraguay, the heartland of Brazil's agribusiness empire, this documentary paints a vivid picture of the escalating tensions and power dynamics influencing the region. It explores the rapid rise of ruralist political influence under the Bolsonaro government, juxtaposed against the poignant narrative of indigenous women whose lives are deeply rooted in communal and environmental stewardship.


As the political tide turns, these women face the threat of losing their constitutional rights to land, laying bare the broader implications for environmental conservation and cultural survival. The documentary captures this critical moment of conflict and resistance, highlighting the resilience of the indigenous communities against the expansive ambitions of agribusiness.

Laura Faerman
Laura Faerman Director
Marina Weis
Marina Weis Director

Production Companies

Cisco Lab

Cisco and Algazarra


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