The Welles Raft

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 75min
The Welles Raft
  • Original Title: The Welles Raft

While capturing Brazil's spirit in 1942, Orson Welles confronts unexpected tragedy with the death of the Jangadeiros' leader, an event that profoundly alters his cinematic journey and personal outlook.

The Welles Raft

AWARDS:  Best Documentary. Florianopolis Audiovisual Mercosul

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cinelatino. Rencontres De Toulouse/ Sanfic. Santiago International Film Festival/ Festin Lisbon Film Festival/ La Habana International Festival  Of New Latin American Cinema/ Buenos Aires International Documentary Festival/ Sao Paulo International Film Festival

The Welles Raft - Tragedy, Transformation, Brazil, Filmmaking

In the vibrant backdrop of 1942 Brazil, the iconic filmmaker Orson Welles embarked on creating his documentary "It's All True", a vivid portrayal of the country's Carnival and the resilient Jangadeiros, Brazil's fishermen. But when tragedy strikes with the untimely death of Manuel Jacaré, the Jangadeiros' leader, during production, Welles is profoundly affected. The poignant event not only alters the course of his documentary but leaves an indelible mark on Welles, forever reshaping his perspective on life and filmmaking.

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