The Weight of All The Beauty

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  • 2019
  • 24min
The Weight of All The Beauty
  • Original Title: The Weight of All The Beauty

In this short film, a man enters a forest where dilapidated houses hold stories of his past of vitality and loneliness with three friends who have died. The question is, how is he still alive?

The Weight of All The Beauty

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Docpoint Tallinn/ Galway Film Fleadh/ Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival/ DOK Leipzig/ PÖFF Shorts/ Melbourne International Film Festival/ ArtDocFest/ Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival/ Melbourne International Film Festival / ACADEMY AWARD Qualifying Abercrombie & Kent award for Best Documentary


The Weight of All The Beauty. The hidden stories of an Estonian forest

The Weight of All the Beauty depicts men who are so full of beauty, love, and vitality, yet so lonely at the same time. The men lived in a village between sea and forest where the only thing to play with is a bottle demon called Vodka Spirit. 

Only Villi survived, and he tells us the stories of his four friends - Urmas, Kalju, Heints and Väints - and how the Vodka Spirit tricked them. As Villi takes us through the village, he shows us the houses of his friends and the old trees that protect them. But, how can Villi still be alive if everyone else has died?

Eeva Mägi
Eeva Mägi Director

Production Companies

Alasti Kino OÜ

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