The Weeping

  • 9 10
  • 2019
  • 70min
The Weeping
  • Original Title: El Llanto

Blending fiction and documentary, this beautifully photographed film documents the tense wait of a religious woman in a remote Argentine village after her husband left for the city.

The Weeping

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Mar del Plata International Film Festival

The Weeping. A woman's tense wait

Like an orphaned tree in the middle of the deserted savannah, so is the town of Primer Ingenio Correntino, a remote Argentinean village in the middle of nowhere.

Sonia's husband has gone far away to Buenos Aires to try his luck in the city. She is left alone in their precarious home, in what soon becomes a long and tense wait for news from the capital.

Spun by what seem to be gloomy still photographs of this town, outside in its mysterious landscapes, and inside the houses and the corner stores, with all their light and shades, this film by Hernán Fernández invites us to inhabit silence, contemplation and a latent suspense.

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