The Way Home

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  • 2018
  • 64min
The Way Home
  • Original Title: The Way Home (2010)

After being diagnosed with cancer, and amid the tension of the political crisis, a Syrian man begins a family exploration to find his biological mother.

The Way Home

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The way home. Following the tracks of my family

Through his quest to better understand the shredded state of his family, Wael questions the long-lasting socio-political crisis in Syria: 

“In 1980, I was born in Syria. In 1985, I met my father for the first time and realised that the woman I always called “mother” was in fact my grandmother. A few years later my journey fighting cancer started. In 2000, I asked about and searched for my biological mother and ourfamily history. 

In 2013, I fled to Lebanon and continued my family research with the conviction that cancer, family dismantlement, and urban transformations are a mere metaphor of our present general social and political crisis"

Wael Kadlo
Wael Kadlo Director

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Wael Kadlo & Nadim Deabies

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