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The Undergraduate

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The Undergraduate
  • Original Title: The Undergraduate

A "white-coater" documentary about sex, set on a university campus, scripted by Edward D. Wood, Jr.

The Undergraduate
John Flanders
John Flanders Director
Howard Schwartz
Howard Schwartz Director of photography
Suzanne Fields
Suzanne Fields Cindy Simpson
John Dullaghan
John Dullaghan Professor Collins
Billy Lane
Billy Lane Pat Bond
Patti Lee
Patti Lee Patty Johnson
Lynn Holmes
Lynn Holmes Kathy Kowalski
Buddy Boone
Buddy Boone Bill Tate
Tricia Opal
Tricia Opal Patricia Black
Sunny Boyd
Sunny Boyd Girl in Stag Film
Henry Ferris
Henry Ferris Guy in Stag Film
Nora Wieternik
Nora Wieternik Girl in Stag Film

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