Truth Has Fallen

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  • 2013
  • 60min
Truth Has Fallen
  • Original Title: Truth Has Fallen (2013)

Since 1898 more than 2.000 people have been exonerated of a serious crime in the U.S. This documentary tells the story of three people wrongfully incarcerated for murder.

Truth Has Fallen

AWARDS: Jury’s Choice Award. Black Maria Film/ Winner. LA ART-HOUSE FILM FESTIVAL/ Gold Award. International Independent Film Awards/ Honorable Mention. Queens World Film Festival/ Honorable Mention, Best Director. Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards/ Nominated for Animadoc Golden Dove Award. Dok Leipzig

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Truth Has Fallen. The innocent imprisoned

“Truth Has Fallen” is a 60-minute documentary that examines the cases of three individuals who were wrongfully incarcerated for murder and sheds light on weaknesses in the US justice system. 

With the help of James McCloskey and his organization, Centurion Ministries, these convictions were ultimately overturned. 

Employing innovative painted animation, “Truth Has Fallen” investigates why these three individuals were wrongfully convicted and suggests reforms to the United States justice system that could help to reduce the rate of wrongful convictions.

Sheila Sofian
Sheila Sofian Director

Production Companies

Sheila M. Sofian and David Fain

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