The Thin Black Line

  • 8.5 10
  • 2021
  • 81min
The Thin Black Line
  • Original Title: The Thin Black Line

Highlighting the lives and experiences of African American officers in Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, the documentary explores their unique roles and challenges in law enforcement.

The Thin Black Line

 The Thin Black Line - Courage in Uniform

Within the heart of Stafford County, African American law enforcement officers uphold the law and protect their community. This compelling documentary delves into their lives, showcasing their commitment, resilience, and dedication to public service in a uniquely challenging environment. As we navigate through their personal and professional journeys, we gain an intimate insight into their daily struggles, victories, and the inherent complexities of serving as minorities in the field of law enforcement.

Jim Klock
Jim Klock Director

Production Companies

Corey Pierson

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