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The Spanish Earth

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  • 1937
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The Spanish Earth

A propaganda film made during the Spanish Civil War in support of the Republican government against the rebellion by Gen. Francisco Franco's forces who were backed by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The film would have been seen by those making it as a documentary.

The Spanish Earth
Joris Ivens
Joris Ivens Director, Writer
Orson Welles
Orson Welles Narrator (voice)
Enrique Lister
Enrique Lister Himself (Republican Army)
Commander Martinez de Aragón
Commander Martinez de Aragón Himself (Republican Army)
Manuel Azaña
Manuel Azaña Himself (President of Spain)
José Díaz
José Díaz Himself (Parliamentarian)
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway Narrator (voice)
Jean Renoir
Jean Renoir Narrator (voice)
Gustav Regler
Gustav Regler Himself (German writer)

Production Companies

Contemporary Historians Inc.