• 9 10
  • 2016
  • 70min
  • Original Title: O SOM DOS SINOS

This Documentary rings true the rhythms of life in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where every bell chime holds a story and faith resonates in the daily symphony of bell sounds.


AWARDS: Special Award of the Organizing Committee of Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival/ Best Anthropological Documentary and Best Transmedia Project. V Muestra de Antropología Audiovisual de Madrid/ Honorable mention | 2nd Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival/ Official Jury Award for Best Documentary. Florianópolis  Audiovisual Mercosul/ Best Cinematography. Mostra Sesc de Cinema Paulista/ Best ethnographic film. Jornadas de Antropologia John Monteiro

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Biarritz Festival Latin America/ Margaret Mead Film Festival/Boston Latino International Film Festival/ Florianópolis  Audiovisual Mercosul/ Mostra Sesc de Cinema Paulista/  International Ethnographic Film Festival of Recife/ V MAAM Muestra de Antropología Audiovisual de Madrid no Museo Nacional de Antropología/ Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival/ Finnish Anthropological Society, Film Programme

The Sound of Bells - Faith, Heritage, Communion, Resonance

This Documentary delves deep into the heart of Minas Gerais, Brazil, where the rhythm of life dances to the melody of bell sounds. This documentary brilliantly captures the importance of these tolling bells, signaling the time for work, rest, prayer, and communal celebrations in the historic cities. Focusing on the bell ringers perched atop the towers, the film paints a vivid picture of their significant roles in announcing significant events - from deaths and births to fires and masses. Over centuries, these unique bell sounds have evolved from their colonial roots, interweaving with Brazil's profound African heritage. Echoes of Faith serves as a visually striking and poetic portrayal of the intertwining of religion and everyday life, exploring a world where faith is both intimate and collective, echoed in the ever-present chime of bells.

Marcia Mansur
Marcia Mansur Director
Marina Thomé
Marina Thomé Director

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Estúdio CRUA

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