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The Sophisticated Misfit

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  • 2007
  • Nonemin
The Sophisticated Misfit
  • English

The Sophisticated Misfit is a long-awaited must-have for fans of the artist Shag and Tiki culture alike. This documentary traces the artist’s roots growing up in Hawaii, his artistic journey in college, his early work designing album covers, to his modern-day role as an art-world phenom. In addition to exclusive footage of Shag painting in his home studio, the film features intimate interviews with the artist, his family, artistic influences, tiki-philes, celebrity collectors, and fans.

The Sophisticated Misfit
  • English
Mark Chervinsky
Mark Chervinsky Executive Producer, Director
Christo Garcia
Christo Garcia Producer
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Producer
Shag Himself

Production Companies

Smee Entertainment