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The Screen Painters

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  • 1988
  • Nonemin
The Screen Painters
  • Original Title: The Screen Painters

Maryland folklorist Elaine Eff is a champion of Baltimore culture and traditions. In her documentary film The Screen Painters, she sets her sights on a much-loved Baltimore icon: the painted window screen and the artists who created them. This delightful documentary film chronicles the beginnings, the heyday, and the decline of an urban folk art unique to Baltimore -- the practice of painting landscape scenes on window and door screens. It profiles seven artists who have spent much of their lives embellishing the bricks and stones of the inner city with a touch of enchantment. The film reveals how this unpretentious art form embodies the ethnic spirit of urban America and is a testament to the need for art in daily life. -Direct Cinema Limited

The Screen Painters
Elaine Eff
Elaine Eff Director, Producer

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