The School In The Cloud

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  • 2018
  • 86min
The School In The Cloud
  • Original Title: The School In The Cloud

What is the future of learning?. Indian professor Sugata Mitra brings an innovative approach to education based on a decolonizing method and the use of new technologies.

The School In The Cloud


The School In The Cloud. The future of learning

What is the future of education in a networked world? Indian professor Sugata Mitra calls
for a revolution in how and what we learn. 

With a global network of information a few clicks away, Mitra argues that the Victorian model on which our school systems are based is obsolete.

School In The Cloud follows a three year experiment as Mitra installs unmanned internet
kiosks in locations ranging from remote villages in West Bengal to a school in north east
England, to enable children to self-organise their learning.

Jerry Rothwell
Jerry Rothwell Director

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