The Same

  • 9.4 10
  • 2017
  • 16min
The Same
  • Original Title: The Same

With a stunning camera work, this short film portrays the craftsmanship of prisoners in four prisons in Serbia, where individual identity is subordinated to the metabolism of a system.

The Same

AWARDS: Grand Prix for Documentary Short Film, Special Award. Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival/ Grand Prix for Documentary Short Film. Ismailia International Film Festival/ Silver Knight Award for Documentary Short Film. Golden Knight International Film Festival/ Grand Prix for Documentary Film. Miona Film Fest/ Diploma for DOP. Festival of Documentary film Salt of the Earth/ Special mention. International Festival Bosnia-Herzegovina/ The price for the Best film. Balkan New Film Festival/ Runner Up. Japanese Serbian Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ ZagrebDox/ Documentary Edge International Film Festival - Doc Edge  

The Same. A stunning short film about the loss of personal identity

This short film shows the everyday life of convicts and jailers in some of the biggest jails in Serbia by using it as a metaphor to present the loss of personal identity in modern society.

This documentary compares a jail system to fixed social rules and raises questions about the relativity of human freedom.

Dejan Petrovic
Dejan Petrovic Director

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