The Rocking Sky

  • 9 10
  • 2015
  • 98min
The Rocking Sky
  • Original Title: Chong tian (2015)

Unveiling a little-known version of the beginning of World War II, this informative documentary brings to light the heroic deeds of the Chinese pilots who resisted the Japanese invasion.

The Rocking Sky


The Rocking Sky. The other beginning of the greatest war in history

The Rocking Sky commemorates and celebrates the heroic pilots that fought bravely against the Japanese colonial regime in World Word II. The Republic of China was the first to fall victim to WWII. 

The war with Japan broke out before the UK, the US and other countries were engaged in the great war that had caused more than 30 millions of casualties, destroyed numerous cities and wreak havoc on countless industries in China. The film interviews the surviving pilots, and seek to immerse the audience in their thoughts and emotions during the war.

The film also looks into the stories of three women; the pilots’ partner, wife and mother. What went through their minds every time when their partner, husband and son climbed into the cockpit and flew into the sky to fight for their country? 

The film also adopts the technique of animation and re-enactment to bring the history to life. The film is not only a documentation of the historical incident, but also a depiction of the individuals’ lives.

Chang Chao-wei
Chang Chao-wei Director

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