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The Real Versailles

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  • 2016
  • Nonemin
The Real Versailles
  • Original Title: The Real Versailles

As BBC Two premieres its lavish new drama set in the sumptuous surroundings of Versailles, Lucy Worsley and Helen Castor tell the real-life stories behind one of the world's grandest buildings. They reveal the colourful world of sex, drama and intrigue that Louis XIV and his courtiers inhabited. Lucy untangles Louis's complex world of court etiquette, fashion and feasting, while Helen delves into the archives and unpicks the Machiavellian world of court politics that Louis created. We meet the people behind the on-screen characters and discover what drove Louis to glorify his reign on a scale unmatched by any previous monarch, examine the tension between Louis and his brother Philippe, a battle hero and overt homosexual, and they meet the coterie of women who competed for Louis's attention. We see that Louis was ruthless in his pursuit of glory and succeeded in defeating his enemies. In his record-breaking 72-year reign, France became renowned for its culture and sophistication.

The Real Versailles
Eamon Hardy
Eamon Hardy Executive Producer
Mark Edger
Mark Edger Producer
Jim Petersen
Jim Petersen Director of photography
Catherine Donohoe
Catherine Donohoe Production Coordinator
Evih Efue
Evih Efue Production Coordinator
Edward Capes
Edward Capes Sound Recordist
Lucy Worsley
Lucy Worsley Presenter
Helen Castor
Helen Castor Presenter
James Daybell
James Daybell Participant
Mark Wallis
Mark Wallis Participant

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