The Queen's Bath

  • 9 10
  • 2012
  • 37min
The Queen's Bath
  • Original Title: The Queen's Bananas (1998)

A woman returns to meet her mother in her hometown, in Portugal. During her trip, we discover the history of her family and the curious activities of the locals.

The Queen's Bath

AWARDS: Best National Short Film. Doclisboa

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Visions du réel / Belo Horizonte international short film festival/ Doclisboa/ Festival Entrevues/ LISFF/ Panorama/ Etats généraux du film documentaire/ Festival Traces De Vies/ Semaine du documentaire

The Queen's Bath. The impressionist portrait of a woman and her town

Elsa returns to her homeland, Caldas Da Rainha in Portugal, where the world's first spa hospital was constructed. 

Her mission is to go and meet her mother. Through this little adventure, we discover the city and the mysterious activities of its inhabitants, as well as elements of Elsa's family history. 

A crossed impressionist portrait is woven, temporalities become confused, dreams mingle with reality.

Maya Kosa
Maya Kosa Director

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Pó Films

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