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The Penguin Counters

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  • 2017
  • Nonemin
The Penguin Counters
  • English

Armed with low tech gear and high minded notions that penguin populations hold the key to human survival, Ron Naveen lays bare his 30 year love affair with the world's most pristine scientific laboratory: Antarctica. Famed as a place that wants you dead, this film follows a rag tag team of field biologists to some of the harshest corners of the planet, where they track the impact of climate change and ocean health by counting penguin populations. From the tip of Argentina to the ominous Deception Island, 'The Penguin Counters' is a treacherous, heart warming journey by a 21st century Dr. Doliitle who dreams of conserving this stunning but fragile region for future generations.

The Penguin Counters
  • English
Peter Getzels
Peter Getzels Director, Producer...
Harriet Gordon Getzels
Harriet Gordon Getzels Director, Writer...
Erik Osterholm
Erik Osterholm Director of photography
Ron Naveen
Ron Naveen Himself

Production Companies

Getzels Gordon Productions