The Other Chelsea - A Story from Donezk

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  • 2011
  • 88min
The Other Chelsea - A Story from Donezk
  • Original Title: The Other Chelsea - A Story from Donezk

This documentary unveils with irony and diligence the connection between business, politics and sport in Donetsk, Ukraine, through the local soccer team.

The Other Chelsea - A Story from Donezk

AWARDS: Best Documentary. Max Ophüls Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA First Appearance Competition/ IFF Trieste/ Docedge Kolkata/ Docudays/ One World Filmfestival/ Planete Doc Review Warsaw/ DOK.fest Munich

The Other Chelsea. Football, business and politics in Ukraine

Donetsk, a city with a million inhabitants deep in Eastern Ukraine, is the centre of the Donbass coal basin. 

Here most people work for low wages in run down mines, while a few make a lot of money. No matter which side of the social divide you are on, coming from Donetsk you will almost certainly be an opponent of the Orange Revolution and a fan of the local football team, Shakhtar Donetsk. 

Billionaire Akhmetov invests heavily in the club, which is becoming a major European force during the football season followed by the film. 

Yet this sporting success funded by an oligarch’s fortune only seems to highlight the wider social and political stagnation of the region. Off the pitch, the outlook appears bleak...

Jakob Preuss
Jakob Preuss Director

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