The Opium War

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  • 2019
  • 52min
The Opium War
  • Original Title: The Opium War (1997)

This documentary makes visible the social problem that has caused the cultivation of opium in Myanmar and the desperate reaction of a group of civilians to eradicate it.

The Opium War

The Opium War. Anarchy for drugs in Myanmar

Thousands of young people are dying from using drugs in Kachin State, Myanmar. 

When the government is not doing enough to crack down drugs problem, the civilians formed the anti-drugs organization called “Pat Jasan” which means “Stop and Clean the drugs” in local Kachin Language, to eradicate drugs. 

A clash between “Pat Jasan” groups and drugs lords occurred.

John La Raw
John La Raw Director

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Hkakabo Razi Pictures

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