The ones we choose

  • 8 10
  • 2022
  • 29min
The ones we choose
  • Original Title: Ceux Que L’on Choisit

In a world where family transcends bloodlines, journey from personal revelations to collective activism, discovering the strength of chosen bonds.

The ones we choose

The ones we choose - Intimate, Collective, Political

This intimate. docuemntary delves into the profound concept of a family not defined by blood, but by choice. Starting off as personal family footage, it gracefully transitions into a broader narrative that captures not just shared moments but also shared convictions. As the film unfolds, it moves from the cozy confines of personal spaces to the wider world where the collective voice of this unique family echoes, blending the lines between personal ties and political stands.

Elora Bertrand
Elora Bertrand Director

Production Companies

Gonella Productions

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