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The Old Thieves: Artegio's Legend

  • 8 10
  • 2007
  • Nonemin
The Old Thieves: Artegio's Legend
  • Spanish

Is the story of a generation of thieves who achieved their greatest victories in the sixties; their distinctive code of ethics, the various categories of delinquents inhabiting the city’s streets, their alliances with high ranking police officials that allowed them to operate, the betrayals that followed, and the price they ended up paying.

The Old Thieves: Artegio's Legend
  • Spanish
Everardo González
Everardo González Director of photography, Director...
Martín Boege
Martín Boege Director of photography
Gerardo Montiel Klint
Gerardo Montiel Klint Director of photography
Matías Barberis
Matías Barberis Sound Designer
Federico González
Federico González Sound Recordist
Issa Guerra
Issa Guerra Producer
Roberto Garza
Roberto Garza Producer

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