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The Old, the Young & the Sea

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  • 2013
  • Nonemin
The Old, the Young & the Sea
  • English

The Old, the Young & the Sea is a vivid documentary road movie about the people and lifestyles of the "European Leg" - the classic European surfing route along the Atlantic coast.

The Old, the Young & the Sea
  • English
Mario Hainzl
Mario Hainzl Director
Andreas Jaritz
Andreas Jaritz Producer
Stefan Leitner
Stefan Leitner Producer
Roman Königshofer
Roman Königshofer Director of photography, Editor
Harald Brettermeier
Harald Brettermeier Director of photography, Editor
Sebastian Funk
Sebastian Funk Director of photography
Michael Putz
Michael Putz Director of photography
Lisa Gaggl
Lisa Gaggl Sound Design Assistant
Kepa Acero
Kepa Acero Himself
Tim Boal
Tim Boal Himself