The Old House

  • 9.5 10
  • 2021
  • 72min

In a village divided, a dedicated caretaker seeks to rejuvenate an abandoned Catholic seminary, once a vibrant center of progressive thought and community connection.

The Old House - Reviving forgotten memories

In a quaint village bisected by a desolate road where cars no longer pause, an aging house stands as a testament to times gone by. Once the most progressive Catholic seminary in Portugal during the dictatorship, it now lies in a state of decay. António, the neighbor who grew up and raised his family in the shadow of the grand building, has remained its steadfast caretaker—guarding its ghosts, memories, and lifeless corridors since the Dominican priests' departure. Long forsaken, the town's former heart now yearns for a new chapter of vitality and purpose.

Filipe Araújo
Filipe Araújo Director

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