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The Nose - Searching for Blamage

  • 9.5 10
  • 2013
  • Nonemin
The Nose - Searching for Blamage
  • Original Title: The Nose - Zoeken naar Blamage

Perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri wants to design his new perfume Blamage by abandoning all rules for designing perfumes. This proves a disruptive process, especially for himself. Will Blamage become a Blamage?

The Nose - Searching for Blamage
Paul Rigter
Paul Rigter Writer
Jorinde Sorée
Jorinde Sorée Executive Producer
Gregg Telussa
Gregg Telussa Editor, Director of photography
Hein Verhoeven
Hein Verhoeven Sound Engineer
Laurien Hylkema
Laurien Hylkema Production Controller
Charlotte Sarneel
Charlotte Sarneel Production Controller

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