The Night

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 63min
The Night
  • Original Title: Natta pappa henta oss

Mixing animations, old home videos and film footage of the present, filmmaker Steffan Strandberg recalls the most important night of his childhood, that changed his life forever.

The Night

AWARDS: Honorable Mention. CPH:DOX

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Bergen International Film Festival/ Fredrikstad Animation Festival/ CPH:DOX/ DOCVILLE - Documentary Film Festival/ Shanghai International Film & TV-festival/ Nordic Film Days

The Night. The Day Death Came

When Steffan's mother died, he felt nothing. He wasn't sad, nor did he feel a sense of relief. How did it come to this? The Night is director Steffan Strandberg's story of growing up with an alcoholic mother, and the night that changed everything for him and his little brother. 

Delving into a Pandora’s box of buried memories, he uncovers both innocent adventures and painful ordeals. Through archive and animation, the film combines Steffan's adult reflections with his childhood experience as he attempts to reconcile himself with his mother and his past.

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