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The Musicians

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  • 2000
  • Nonemin
The Musicians
  • Armenian

Folk-musicians earn their money on the streets of Armenian capital Yerevan, the ropewalkers dance in front of the old monastery Khor-Virap. Their improvisations appear like a poetic mirror for the psychical sensitivity of Armenians.

The Musicians
  • Armenian
Don Askarian
Don Askarian Director, Writer...
Vardan Babayan
Vardan Babayan Sound, Production Manager
Ashot Gevorkyan
Ashot Gevorkyan Assistant Director
Nune Hovhannissian
Nune Hovhannissian Production Manager
Artak Markaryan
Artak Markaryan Director of photography
Mikael Vatinyan
Mikael Vatinyan Assistant Director
Arthur Tarposchyan
Arthur Tarposchyan Editorial Production Assistant
Achim Forst
Achim Forst Commissioning Editor
Gnel Awetissyan
Gnel Awetissyan Ropewalker

Production Companies


Askarian Film

Don Film