The Mark

  • 9 10
  • 2019
  • 35min
The Mark
  • Original Title: La Huella

Is an inspiring journey of transformation and resilience, unfolding the impact of rugby on the lives of six individuals navigating adversity, directed by Slovenian filmmaker Aljaz Babnik.

The Mark

La Huella - Transformative Power of Sport

Is a powerful documentary that delves into the poignant life experiences of six individuals, showcasing how rugby has served as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for personal transformation. Helmed by Slovenian director Aljaz Babnik and produced by the NGO PGR, founded by Olympic athlete and international rugby player Patricia Garcia, this film is part of 'Free Rugby, a project to change the World.' The project is driven by the goal of bettering the lives of individuals in vulnerable situations, fostering skill development, and instilling values to create contexts for integration and social transformation through the medium of sport. "THE MARK" serves as an emotional testament to the enduring human spirit, revealing how the shared language of sport can mend broken spirits, unite communities, and incite remarkable personal and collective growth.


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