The Man Who Saw Too Much

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  • 2016
  • 88min
The Man Who Saw Too Much
  • Original Title: El Hombre Que Vio Demasiado

This captivating documentary delves into Enrique Metinides' fixation with death, tracing his journey from child photographer to tabloid staple, capturing Mexico City's gritty underbelly.

The Man Who Saw Too Much


The Man Who Saw Too Much - Morbid, Obsession, Grit, Revelation

From the tender age of nine, Enrique Metinides displayed a unique, if macabre, passion: photographing the aftermath of death. This unorthodox pursuit soon propelled him into the heart of the tabloid world, granting him unrestricted access to Mexico City's darkest corners. "Through the Lens Darkly" isn't just a profile of an extraordinary photographer; it's a deep dive into humanity's shared morbidity, set against the backdrop of a sprawling city with its own tales of crime and heartache. Through Enrique's lens, we confront our own morbid curiosities and grapple with what draws us to the shadows.

Trisha Ziff
Trisha Ziff Director

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