The Magic of Birds

  • 9 10
  • 2021
  • 25min
The Magic of Birds
  • Original Title: The Magic of Birds

Embark on a visual and auditory journey through Australia's diverse landscapes, discovering the beauty and variety of its birdlife.

The Magic of Birds

The Magic of Birds - Vibrant, Melodic, Diverse

This visually stunning documentary showcases over 50 species of birds thriving in their natural habitats across Australia, from the rugged Outback to lush Wetlands and dense Rainforests. Viewers are treated to a diverse array of avian life, ranging from majestic large birds to the tiniest, vibrant species. The film is beautifully complemented with background music and the authentic ambient sounds of each habitat, offering an immersive experience into the rich birdlife of Australia.

Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro Director

Production Companies

Ferraro Nature Films

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